The Beach Travel Box

A unique bundle for beach travelers who crave beach relaxation.

1 Beach Travel Towel + 1 Inflatable Beach Pillow + FREE Spring Break BONUS Items

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Beach Travel Box

Beach Travel Box

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What's included?

Our Full Size Travel Beach Towel

Our premium Beach Towel is ultra compact for travel, it will take less space in your bag than your bathing suit.

Sand-free, more water absorbent and faster drying than an ordinary cotton beach towel or turkish beach towel.

The microfiber fabric will be the smoothest beach towel you've ever felt.

The double sided pattern is an azure striped front and a contrasting black and white bottom pattern.

Machine washable, and durable. We've even tested and used our beach towels over two years and many machine washes to demo how well they hold their color and how durable they are.


Standard Full Size Beach Towel

32 in x 63 in

Our Inflatable Paradise Beach Pillow

Tell me about the Beach Pillow!

There's no need to scrunch up your shirt for head support.

Our Beach Pillow was made to be inflatable for travel.

Sand-free and water-resistant for versatile use with wet hair, on the sand, or on a lounge chair.

How does it work?

To Inflate your pillow, lift the top lid on the valve, inflate with your mouth using 3-5 breathes. The one-way valve allows air in, while preventing air from coming out.

To deflate your pillow, lift the bottom lid, you'll see a quarter-sized open hole for expelling air, gently press the air out with your hands.

What size is the pillow?

Inflated: 8.5in x 10.5in x 4.5in,

Rolled up: 4.5in x 2.5in

What is the Beach Pillow made of?

Fabric lining 100% polyester, inner lining 100% thermoplastic polyurethane

Warning: this Beach Pillow is not intended to be a flotation device. Do not use in water. This is not a lifesaving device.

for a limited time

+ FREE Spring Break Bonus!

Beach Breeze Misting Fan (A $15 Value for FREE)

Feel the cooling and refreshing breeze on your misted skin.

When the beach dials up the heat too much for comfort, your fan will help you dial it back down to relax.

Ultra light and portable.

Our Beach Pillow will take your relaxation to another level.

Curvaceous, soft, water-resistant, sand-resistant, and best of all, inflatable. It will inflate in seconds and deflate to fit in any bag.

What makes our ultra-thin Travel Beach Towels so convenient?

Our Travel Beach Towels are way less bulky and more absorbent than the average cotton beach towel and turkish beach towel. Our towels are easily packable for vacations and day excursions.

Here is our Guarantee.

If you're not completely delighted then we don't want your money.

Send it back, and we’ll completely refund your purchase. We’ll also ask you about how we can improve our experience.